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Short Sale Forms

Below are links to the paperwork that must be signed and returned to our office. The PRE-LISTING CHECKLIST documents are what we will need in part for the short sale package we send to the bank. We know it’s a lot to gather – don’t get overwhelmed! Give us a timeline so we can look out for the documents. Once we get these from you we will get you the listing paperwork (MLS forms).Call us with any questions, we can walk you through any of these forms. Once gathered FAX to 602-532-7560 or send to Andy@HousingAngels.com

Bank Specific Forms

Short Sale Forms

  1. Short Sale Advisory
  2. Prelisting Checklist Form
  3. Income Liability Form
  4. Hardship Affidavit Form
  5. Authorization to Release Information
  6. Tax Return Information Request
  7. Estimated Repairs

Do You Qualify?

See if the Housing Angels Program will work for you by filling out the form below and submitting it.

Do you Qualify for the Housing Angels Program?  




Please tell us what plan best fits your situation…
  • The Halo Plan – Short Sale your home and avoid foreclosure.
  • The Silver Lining - Short Sale your home and lease it back with no obligation to purchase.
  • The Cloud Nine - Short Sale your home and enter into the Angel Program with a different house.
  • The Angel Program - Short Sale and lease back with option to buy your home within four years.
  • Saved at Auction – Home purchased in auction and then rented to you with the option to buy.
  • FC with Equity – Facing Foreclosure and you have Equity in your home.
  • Lease to Own – Currently renting? Our program helps you get on the path to home ownership.
  • Options to Buy – Looking to buy and you want to know your options.



Owed $350,000 Investor paid $170,000 Payment went from $3,200 to $1,850
Owed $420,000 Investor paid $175,000 Payment went from $$2,700 to $1,850
Saved Owed $188,000 Investor Paid $67,900 Payment went from $1,400 to $747
Saved Owed $2,000,000 Investor paid $685,000 Payment went from $12,000 to $5,000.
Saved Great golf course community
Saved Owed $200,000 Investor paid $85,000 Payment went from $2,000 to $935
Saved Owed $265,000 Investor paid $75,000 Payments went from $$2,135 to $945