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John and Judy


Johnand Judy Bucko are in their mid 50’s.  Johnis a retired school teacher of 30 years and a Navy Reserve Chief Petty Officerassigned with Marines.  Judy is a retiredDental tech. Married 17 years, both were savers from before their marriage.  Never buying or selling homes with the intentof profit, they nonetheless had managed to make money when they had to selltheir home or condominium’s. 

However,with very little confidence or control over their investments in the stockmarket and having lost money like so many, they decided to invest in RealEstate which appeared to have bottomed in price.  More than that, John was moved by the plightof so many homeowners who had invested equity in their homes, but suffered fromreduced income or houses that were now devalued so greatly that to continue tomake payments was an exercise in spending their way into poverty.  He decided to find homeowners that wanted tostay in their houses but could not afford to do so.  While on that search, he came across a “HousingAngels” sign hanging on the house they were looking at.  They called the number and made contact withthe Housing Angel program through Realcore Realty and found it to be just whatthey were looking for.  They started withjust one house but eventually, decided to do two houses using their IRAfunds.  Since the housing angel Program takes2-3 years to mature, that was right in line with when they could first accesstheir IRA funds without penalty.  Unlikethe market, the program is straightforward.  Investors know both what their return will be and the satisfaction ofhelping someone stay in a stable home situation that they can repurchase at orbelow market values in a few years, while paying below current monthly rentalrates.  The House Angel gets the benefitof a homeowner who cares of their home. John and Judy like these aspects over buying foreclosed property andfinding renters of unknown intention and homeowner skills.  

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Owed $350,000 Investor paid $170,000 Payment went from $3,200 to $1,850
Owed $420,000 Investor paid $175,000 Payment went from $$2,700 to $1,850
Saved Owed $188,000 Investor Paid $67,900 Payment went from $1,400 to $747
Saved Owed $2,000,000 Investor paid $685,000 Payment went from $12,000 to $5,000.
Saved Great golf course community
Saved Owed $200,000 Investor paid $85,000 Payment went from $2,000 to $935
Saved Owed $265,000 Investor paid $75,000 Payments went from $$2,135 to $945